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We Buy any type of Metal Scrap. And get the best
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We Pay Best Price For Your Metal Scrap in Taxes, USA.
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Welcome to Alamo

We Pay Best Price For Your Metal Scrap.

Alamo Metal Recycling has been providing recycling solutions to local customers and industries for over 9+ years in Texas, USA. Our expertise and competitiveness has allowed us to become the leader recycler in the region. With readily access to domestic and international markets AMR is able to provide complete recycling solutions to industries of all sizes on both sides of the border.

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What We Do

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Domestic Scrap

Domestic scrap metal items can often be difficult, time-consuming, and even expensive to get rid of, but at Alamo Metal Recycling, we can take it off your hands,. Whatever scrap metal you have, chances are we can recycle it! We regularly recycle all kinds of domestic scrap metal.
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Within our Electronic Scrap Refining Division, we process large amounts of electronic scrap from both the private and public sector in a highly efficient and environmentally safe way. We provide our customers with the best in safe and responsible computer recycling.
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Commercial & Industrial

Here at Alamo Metal Recycling, we’ll gladly purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous material including copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and iron as well as aluminum castings, drinks cans, e-waste, sheets, pipes, radiators and even window frames. If it’s metal, we’ll buy it!
We Buy All Types of Metal Scrap.
We Processed and Recycled Over 30 Million Pounds of Scrap Metal Last Year.
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We pride ourselves on customer service through our hands-on approach.

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Happy Customers

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Happy Customers

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Benefiting you is our priority.

Corporate Services

Services to Corporations, Alamo Metal Recycling can assist you in recycling solid trash, particularly metal scrap.

Value of Money

We offer the best level of services and the very best scrap metal prices for our customers.

Metal Scrap

We provide recycling solid waste, especially metal Scrap, Alamo Metal Recycling can help you!.
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Our Mission

As the leader recycler in the region AMR is committed to provide the best services at the most competitive prices to our customers. AMR mission is to become the truly one stop solution for all the recyclers needs. We are an environmentally and socially conscious Texas company, committed with our community and striving to improve the lives of our partners and working team.


Environmental management is therefore concerned with the description and monitoring of environmental changes, with predicting future changes and with attempts to maximise human benefit and to minimise environmental degradation due to human activities.


The health and safety of our workers is our greatest concern. We insist that our employees are well cared for and work in safe and proper environments.

Recycle today for a
better tomorrow.
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Our Working Process

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Based on what you've brought in that day, a greeter will lead you to the ferrous or nonferrous section of the scrapyard (in most places).

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Bring your scrap to our scale and show a valid photo ID to get your weigh-in ticket.

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Remove the scrap metal from your vehicle and proceed to the unloading location.

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Proceed to the weigh-in area, where we will issue you a ticket depending on the weight of the scrap and current scrap pricing.

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Take your ticket to the cashier's window and get the cash for your scrap!


We Pay Top Dollar
For Your Scrap